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The Never-Appearing Spring

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Sorry, not about riding skills, but felt like sharing anyway.


The winter have mostly been brilliant - if you like winter. Cold and sun from a clear sky more often than not. For riding motorcycles, the weather may be considered less than ideal, though. However, not be discouraged, we still ride. Today we got about 160 km / 100 miles in. Here are a few pictures from the highest point, also including the bikes - a Z1, the Ascot and a Cali III.









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Thanks, I can understand not looking at them. I rarely pay attention to the one near where I ride, but I tend to look a lot closer to those that I cross during my travels. I have read some neat stuff and other boring stuff like the altitude of the peak that I just crossed.

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The weather's been crazy here as well. Saturday it was in the 60's. I got the S out for a bit to test the new Brembo master cylinder (which is nice) and managed to pick up a nail in my new rear Q2 (not so nice :angry: ). Then yesterday we had 4" of snow.


I'm hoping for a rapid swing back the other way as we are doing 2 days at VIR North next weekend!

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