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From a magazine:


In 10 years, the scenery along upper Highway One has changed little. The remarkable thing has been the decade of progress in handling and suspension, brakes and tyres. Riding contemporary bikes at entertaining speeds on unfamiliar roads, you can get into corners, roll off the throttle, tap the brakes, change lines and dieal the power back in without suffering unhappy consequences. Motorcycles and tyres can deal with three simultaneous change-commands. Over bumpy corners the wheels were alive with activiety but the basic platform felt solid, one-piece. It's a confidence-inspiring sensation.


When do you reckon it was printed?

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Same magazine and year:


We would like to have the machine squat down front and rear on its suspension as soon as the brakes are applied to lower the CG height and permit safe, quick deceleration. As the brakes were trailed off in approaching full lean, the machine would rise up to regain the ground clearance necessary for cornering. We could envision a complex system of pumps, valves and microcircuits. We get on the brakes, it squats i proportion. We release them, it pumps itself back up again. Maybe more gizmos to sense the angle of lean, just tho be on the safe side.
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Honestly, I think that I am 10 or 20 years to "the newer" side on my guess. It seems I remember reading that article. Could it be a repost on CSS? Hmm, not sure. it may even be that I missed by 30 years. Anybody else willing to take the plunge?

Or is your manly/womenly hood getting in the way?


Quack, Quack!

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