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Careers In Cornering?

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hey guys,


Just wondering what the path to finding myself involved in a career working with an institute such as the California Superbike School would be?


Ultimately can't think of a better way to make a living than to be an on track instructor (I'm well aware that I'm a fair way off from being eligible for such a position)...


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly welcomed.




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A very good start would be to take a look at this thread:



In it, Cobie gives a pretty comprehensive description of the requirements and expectations for coaching, and a link to the application.


Personally, I started as a student. I had a blast at school, starting doing track days, came back for more levels of CSS, got faster, came to more CSS schools, then eventually started racing and then tried out for a coach position. Reading the coach biographies on the Superbike School website will give you an idea of how other coaches got into it.

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Woudln't that be something, if we could program in the factors that woudl make a good coach and grind out one.


I liken it more to the selecetion process for a top position in a company. All the attributes have to be in place, some we cannot train. Often we brag about our coaches, and their diversity. Some with lots of education, some with little. Some older, some younger. Some were fast when they started, some got really fast after being here. Many have different styles of communciation, but with some key similarities.


One funadmental is they all REALLY want to help the students. Some just say that, but don't have that as the core driving motivation. Some don't have solid enough study skills, some do, but aren't willing to actually do what it takes to get there. Some can't be trained well, it's too far off of the way they do things. Many are genuinely good guys, but don't have the whole package: communication skills (as a coach), trainability, riding skill, time to devote to this, similar work ethic.


Quite a package really.




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