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Willow Springs 2 Day Camp, April 22 & 23 2013

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Hi guys,

I had a fabulous time at The Streets of Willow Springs on Monday & Tuesday.


The best thing for me was the getting on the lean/slide bike to correctly orientate my body positioning to hang off. Many thanks go to Gerry and Brian for helping me jump this huge hurdle.


I must work on my visual skills and get some timing points happening!


Well worth the trip from Australia.


Thanks again folks,

Rob Ward.

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Hey Rob,


It's great to hear the guys helped you get sorted on the body position. Gerry was my level 3 coach as well and did a lot for me as well.


But luckily for me I didn't have nearly as long a trip to get to the school. BTW my Blue Heeler says g'day...




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Cobie, I have attended 3 different schools in Australia and NONE of them come close to the real world, real time coaching your school provides. The others were basically a complete waste of money! I am super excited to get back on some tracks here in Oz and start practicing the skills I was taught. Fan-bloody-tastic!

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