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Hook Or Arc Vir N Turn 3

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So in TOWT II page 59, there is a diagram showing a turn and then the path of travel of a hook and an arc. With a descriptor that you want to weight on the front to get the bite and turn action. Also getting on the gas to early starts the bike on a constant radius arc before you get it pointed


I am trying to apply this in my head to turn 3 of VIR N. This is a very fast left hand corner into a short straight, that I normally don't slow for and definitely don't brake for this turn-thus I wouldn't get that bite and turn help. I can only guess that maybe a quick pause on acceleration would help get the turn and bite? Obvisouly the arc isn't as straight of a line, but if I maintain standard throttle and arc thru the turn, my lean angle won't change, and I should still be slightly accelerating thru the corner and keeping the 60/40.


So is there an advantage in this turn to loading the front. What is the extra turning advantage in regards to this turn?

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Are you currently having a problem with running wide in this turn?


Yes, a pause on the throttle would help weight the front and give you a tighter steering response. That would be a great tool to use if you realized you were coming in a bit too fast and might run wide, so you needed to tighten your line.


However, if you've found a line that is working and allows you to enter the turn on the gas without slowing, do you have enough of a NEED to tighten your line that it is worth the throttle pause you have to use to get it?

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No problem with the line. The book just seemed to make it seem like the constant radius arc was wrong.


I realize that the hook option is available if I need to change my line for a pass etc. in that corner, or as I progress and up my speed even more to tighten my line.


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