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Traffic Advisory For Barber's 31 May - 2 Jun 13

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Just letting everybody know that I-20 East is closed from the airport to I-459. If you are flying in you will be detoured via I-59 to I-459 to get to Barbers. So, if you are flying in on Thur or Fri I would recommend not being near the those Interstates around or during rush hour. 4PM - 6PM?. This closure is diverting 30k-40k cars per day. This will not affect anyone traveling back to the airport from the Leeds (Barbers) area. That will be later this year :D .


If you are coming in from the Atlanta area (I-20W) life should be normal.

If you are coming in from the Chattanooga area (I-59S) things could get entertaining, but that depends on where you are staying.

If you are coming in from the West (I-20/59) take I-459.

If you are coming in from the North/Northwest ( I-65) (I-22/US78) either take I-65 to I-459 or US280/Red Mtn Expressway to I-459.


I will be at the track the whole weekend. 2 day camp on Sun and Mon.


If you are coming please travel safe and I'll see you there.


Any route questions please ask.



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