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Teaching The Offspring

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Don't know if somebody remember me saying a few months back that I had tried to adapt to the slow in, fast out theory without success and that I would revert to the deep braking I used to do.


Well, I didn't. I finally learned to relax by not forcing anything and just go with flow, as they say, and I now rarely use the brakes at all, but virtually always hit the throttle the moment I've reached the desired lean. And unlike earlier, it works every time, not just some of the times, because I never go past my comfort level. And the reduction in required lean is amazing when combined with quick directional changes.


My son have, after a minor low speed spill, struggled with confidence during cornering. But after we fitted a SCALA bike-to-bike communication kit, I have been able to give him instructions. Like "no need to slow here" and "get on the gas now". After a couple of days with this, his progress have been amazing. I do not want him to ride stupid fast like I used to do when young, just to be smooth and be able to easily keep up with traffic under all conditions.


Following him today, it was fantastic to see how much more relaxed and confident he's become in such a short time. Watching the TWOT2 DVD together also helped immensely in letting him understand the basic principles. We'll watch it many more times and also continue to practice relaxed riding, quick steering and early (but not too early) throttle application while remaining smooth.


One thing is absolutely certain; I would not have been able to teach him all these things, nor understand why he/we should do them or (naturally) be able to explain how had I not joined this forum. Thanks to all who have helped with inputs over the years and been patient with this old git despite my lack of interest for track riding :)

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I already successfully got 4 of my friends to learn the TOTW2 way of cornering and avoidance of SR's too~

having a short lesson at my house courtesy of the DVD and then mountain carving makes it easy to spot my friends mistakes and help them iron those mistakes out ;)

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