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Level 1 At Barber

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I had a fantastic time at Barber, and I would like to thank all the instructors and my riding coach Josh. I can't wait for level 2. I am going to try for Jersey later this summer, but not sure if I can make it. Also, that museum is incredible. I could have spent 4-5 hours there easy.

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Yes, at the start of the day the idea is to make learning the drills as simple as possible, so if you've not got to worry about braking or changing gear, you can concentrate more of your attention on practising what you're out there to learn. As the day goes on you're allowed to use more gears and start using the brakes if you really want to. It's very helpful for learning how to set your entry speed too.


They did the same thing for level 2 when I did it.

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Since there is a mix of Levels on the track at the same time, all levels go through the same progression from "No Brakes, 4th gear" to "Full Brakes, All Gears" during a day. CodeRACE, on the other hand, doesn't go through this :P

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