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Cop Shows His Skills...

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Found this



How does the cop do those 360's and 8's on such a heavy bike, at almost full steering lock and the pegs scraping, so smoothly? Do you lock the bars and give a constant amount of throttle ( he did not roll on )?


I am curious regarding this technique.


On sport bikes ( Moto Gymkhana ) the riders are even more aggressive and can do a U-turn in eight feet or so.Does anybody have any ideas? I know for sure if you chop the throttle you will fall.

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Thanks stroker,

I have a Lieutenant friend who I think will enjoy that one.

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In NJMSF we were taught the basic technique in class. It's the only way to do "the box" during the graduation test. Basically, you ride the rear brake while working the throttle in 1st gear, max second. I always favored second as it was smoother on and off the throttle than 1st. Also, it requires a lot of counter lean to find the knife edge balance point of the bike.


I took the same NJMsF class on my 690lb Honda Fury, along with 2 guys on full dres Harley bangers. One an Electra Glide and the other a Road King. Both around 700 lbs, but with less rake and trail than my chopper. They flew through the box like it wasn't even there. I made it through too, and was immensely proud as that Fury turns like a Honda Civic.


Now that I'm on a sportier bike, I've been lax at practicing my slow speed drills, but I can get pretty descent corkscrews on my 560lb K1300s at much more aggressive lean angles. Need to work on my slow speed maneuvering, though.


Hope this helps...

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