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Luthi Talks Ibbott And More

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Perhaps because I had a brain fart and posted the link of the last page instead of the first and your brain didn't do much better since you didn't check out the earlier pages :D:P


(Sorry, I couldn't stand being stupid all by myself... ;) )



When you were in 125s your results seemed to improve after working with Andy Ibbott?


Thomas Luthi:

I worked with him for a long time and he was like a riding coach. My opinion was that despite the fact that you're in the world championship, everything isn't perfect and you always need to improve. The biggest thing that you can work on is your riding style and to try to be better every corner, every race, every lap. I worked with him for a long time and for sure I learned a lot from him.


You need many stones to build a house and Andy was definitely one of the important ones.


I always try to work on my style, sometimes I don't bother trying to change the bike, I just work on my style. The rider is a big part of the bike package and a lot of weight that can be moved around so working with your body on the bike can help a lot. You've got to be careful though because working too much with your body can make the bike nervous. I just play around to try and find the perfect way.


At the beginning everybody looked towards Valentino Rossi and thought 'as long as I do what he's doing everything will be OK' but all riders are different and you have to work on your own style. You couldn't take, for example, Marc Marquez's set-up, that's only for him.

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