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Outside Arm Steering

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Hello all, I'm new to the forum, but I've been to the level 1 and 2 courses.


My question is this: going through some long sweepers, I've noticed that I can keep my arms a lot more loose going through corners by only using my outside arm to steer.


My theory is this: it's easy to stiffen up on the bars if you push with your inside arm, as you naturally want to stiffen your arm

when you push.


When you pull with the outside arm, however, being stiff becomes almost impossible.


I bring this up because I've read in Lee Parks' Total Control that you should only use your inside arm to steer, but I'm finding

more and more that the outside-arm method really works.


In theory, you need to push with the inside arm in order to pivot steer, but I've found that I can still use the leverage gained

from pushing on the outside peg to help pull on the outside bar.


My question to all the cornering gurus here: am I nuts, or on to something? Outside-arm steering feels counter-intuitive at

first (like everything else on a bike), but I really feel like it works.


Please share your thoughts and opinions. I'd really like to hear what other riders have to say about this.

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Here is the good news--you aren't nuts! Or, maybe that's left up for discussion :).


The plus of pushing is the strength one has by using the body in a cross-wise manner from outside leg to inside arm. There is just more strength there (this is covered in detail in the level 3 classwork, there are more pieces to this).


There is also the help that can be had by pulling on the outside bar (the bars are connected, they don't care if you push or pull). Absolutely valid to also pull. I find that in right hand transition corners (going from left to right), I tend to pull a bit with the left to make it easier on my throttle hand to do the job of having good throttle control.




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First off Welcome to the forums,


you mention this in reference to long sweepers


Are you referring to making your one steering input for the corner or to having to maintain a input on the bars for the entirety of the corner ?


If its the first, why use only one arm, a push pull combination would allow a quicker steering input than a push or pull alone,


If its the second, why are you making a constant input on the bars through the corner ?



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Hi guys, thanks for the answers.


Tyler, I'm referring to making the one steering input for the corner. I can't explain why, but I've always felt a little awkward and uncomfortable pushing with

the inside arm. I've found myself stiffening up when making the input, and have to constantly remind myself to relax. Pulling with the outside arm seems to eradicate that stiffness. It feels like an odd way to steer, but at the same time, it's far more comfortable than my usual steering method.


I agree, it makes the most sense to use both arms as it makes for the quickest steering, but I'm going to experiment with this technique for a bit and see where it leads me. It's always good to have another tool in the box.

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Hey Rezonator, I just want to point out that you CAN'T push on the bar without being "stiff" in your arm. It requires muscle tension, strength, to push and cause the machine to lean over. It's not a bad thing, unless you try and "hold" the bike in the turn by keeping pressure on the bar after you've already got it turned.

I think your observation is a good one though, the push/pull steering action isn't wrong and if you have more success relaxing after your input with it I would definitely keep using it!

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