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School Bike Suspension Setup

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I was a student at the two day VIR August 13/14 class, and had a blast! This is my first post here and I have a question about school bike setup.


I talked to Will about tire pressures, and am using his recommended pressures on the Q2's on my '12 S1000RR, but the bike still doesn't feel like the school bikes. I am 172# befire gear and am running the stock BMW suspension settings.


What settings are you using at the school?


Compression, rebound, preload, and did you raise the forks in the triples?


Any help replicating your settings would be great. I am going to Atlanta Motorsports Park soon for a track day and am excited to put all of my new skills to work.




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Here is Will's answer in another thread about the same question






Hi Will!

First off, thanks for letting me look over your shoulder and ask a bunch of newbie questions during the 2 day school at VIR August 15&16, 2012. I was the guy who was asking about the R&G frame sliders while you were picking a rock out of the fairing and replacing the slider after a crash.smile.gif Incidentally, I'm in the process of replacing my Yoshi's with R&Gs.cool.gif
Soooooo, I get home from the school, more in love with my S1000rr than ever after riding your brilliant machines, and I take it for a two mile ride and it just feels terrible! I may be jumping the gun a bit because the tire pressures were off (I usually ride 33F/36R, Metzler K3's but the gauge indicated 33R, didn't even bother checking the front, just assumed a proportionate reduction in PSI) and the bike has been sitting for a few weeks but the steering felt awful.

It seemed like the front tire was concrete and when I would go to countersteer, the handlebars would actually turn (after first feeling like concrete) instead of leaning the bike? Anyway, I'm going to go for a real ride this weekend to verify but in the meantime, it made me curious as to what modifications have been made to the student bikes regarding suspension, steering dampener etc.....? Can you tell me the settings you're using? My bike is still right off the dealer floor stock.....

I am on a mission to make my bike feel exactly like what I rode at CSS!!!!!

Thank you sir!

Ferenc (Fadi)

You will get a lot of opinion about set-up and tire pressure but the simple fact is I run the Fleet bikes with the stock settings ( fork R 5, C 5, shock R 5-7, CH 5, CL 5-7). The tire pressure we use is 33/33 cold in the morning, that would be higher in the day. If I were setting pressure on a bike I was riding on say an 80 degree day it would be 31F, 26 rear. That will only work on the current Q2's, I run 29 rear in every other street rear. The tire is a big component of the way our bikes work, there simply is no way to discount the effect the tires had on your perception of how well our bikes work. Add to that I have experience with the other brands on the S1000RR so the only help i might be is to work with you at a school.

Thanks, Will



It may be worth checking the owners manual to see if something changed with different year models.

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Often owners manuals have to be CYA numbers...so you can get max load numbers that don't provide the best in traction for real world condition. Often one sees recommended pressures over 40 PSI! For most conditions, that's way high.

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Opp's, I meant check the owners manual about the suspension settings not the tires. I mentioned that because there could be changes in settings for different year model bikes, or different models within the same year.

But that is a good point Cobie about the manuals sometimes giving max weight conditions vs normal conditions.

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