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Rookie Seeking For Enlightenment

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Hello true believers!!!!


New to this Forum and planning to take CSS classes next year. Kind of a silly question but it keeps buzzin on me: what is the best time of the year to try the lessons out???? Summer [which I believe starts july and ends october in the US] ??????

Any hotel/accomodation tips near willow springs????


Not a pro rider or such, actually I'm a lousy biker when it comes to high speeds. Careful on roads, never been to a track day before, but eager to learn and open to study the science behind the sport.




Have a good one fellas!!!

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Very nice Monster. I love the snarl they have.


Before I headed to the school your statement of being a "lousy biker" might have been something I said as well. I started riding in 2010 and went to my first CSS in 2012. With the time and patience of the coaches at the school I now feel VERY comfortable on both the road and the track. If you have the chance I would check out Keith's books and some of their videos. You can grab them on Amazon or through the school's website pretty easily. They are GREAT and were what eventually brought me to the school.


As for the dates they only head to my favorite track Barber Motorsports park about once a year close to June. Despite the warm Alabama humidity it's an enjoyable time. You won't be thinking much about the weather once you get out on the track and are amazed at the improvements you are making.

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Welcome to the forums Rafael,


the school only operates at Streets of Willow in parts of the year where the weather is going to be mostly reasonable, that said here is my personal opinion of what the weather will be like when they are there,


March and April school dates will be pretty chilly in the morning and moderate and comfortable during the day, but you have a slightly higher chance of rain

June school dates will be very hot and require you to pay a lot of attention to keeping properly hydrated, there is a lot of good info on that here if you look for it, there is virtually 0 chance you will see any rain

September dates are probably going to be the most reasonable, not quite so chilly in the morning, not crazy hot during the day, IMO this would probably be the "sweet spot" weather wise

October your going to be looking at very chilly in the mornings and moderate temps during the day


This graph might help give you a idea of what kinda temps to expect




as for accommodations, there are several good choices in Lancaster and Palmdale, I've stayed at the Hampton Inn a few times and its pretty nice, the school staff I believe stays at the Inn of Lancaster



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Yep, usually Inn of Lancaster, I like it there. Others have given good advice regarding weather but out there in the desert we usually get good weather at the times of year we go.

Welcome to the forum!

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