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The Noob That Finally Posted

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Hey peeps My name is Rodney.


I live in Good Old Alabama.


Age well not as young as I used to be 40 years ago when I was 1.


Occupation I own a Lawn Care Service.


My hobbies include

Long street rides , Long walks in the woods (Backpacking), Riding Moto Gymkhama, Camping, Long MC rides in the woods, Building Rifles, MC touring, Highland Games, Short MC rides, Learning Bag Pipes, Working on motorcycles so I can ride, ETC.


My current rides are An 08 R1200 GS, 09 KLX 250S, 77 R100/7 (going scrambler)


Good Friends with ScrmnDuc. So don't hold it against Him.


Here is Me on the GS. I only have 2 I could find with us both, and I am shooting a friend a bird in the other one. After picking that pig up all day in the mud, and getting laughed at. So no it's not a pavement queen, and yes it has been to the track too. All on the same tires.




This took for ever. I had self edit most of the smart a$$ out. I will do my best to keep that to a minimum for you mods.

BTW, I do know my screen name is misspelled.



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Welcome to the forums!

I hate tell you but I'm pretty sure your screen name is misspelled, pretty sure it has 3 m's: mowwwer. Maybe even 4.


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