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Barber Vintage Festival Battle Of The Twins F3 Video

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This was taken this year at Barber. I am on the black Thruxton 5X5. I was able to score well enough in the BOT F3 at Barber and Daytona to win The AHRMA BOT F3 World Championship. Fun Year. I hope you all have been doing well. I am a strong advocate for CSS, it's where I started.https://vimeo.com/84171575

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I was on a 2005 Thruxton with Racetech fork internals and Gazi shocks. The Thruxton will top out at about 130 mph. We had a representative from the factory there watching and he said, 'I never thought I would see a Thruxton do that'. I'll have to try and post a video from Daytona. I was behind by half a lap because of trash in my gas line. I caught up with the 2nd and 3rd place guy drafting past them at the finish line. I think I got 2nd place by about two feet. Daytona is definitely an exciting track.

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Great video Fossil. You have to love making the factory guy stand up and take notice :)


I love the Thuxtons. I've been thinking about one for a street bike since the BMW is almost a dedicated track bike these days.

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The Thruxton is a solid, easy to ride motorcycle. It has a tank like motor that produces around 68 hp stock and is a solid ride in the country or commuting. The carbureted versions....before 2011 I think are the poster child for simplicity. I am not a big fan of spoke wheels and all that entails...liners, tubes etc but if you don't race one, the tire wear should be minimal for a long time.

The new fuel injected ones have more power and a Power Commander is available from Dyna Jet.

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