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What Can You Tell From These Pictures?

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That 70's hair should not come back in style? :)


Cool pix Eirik.

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Reminds me of my 750 ZX7. Nice bike. Black and very fast for me at that time. Rode it to the tracks in Aspen and outside of Denver to watch the racing there. I was having no getting on the track in those days; Way to scary for me. On the way back from Aspen we got caught in a freak summer snow/sleet storm. I was cold to the bone and quite terrified but my riding partner was much more experienced than I and led us to safety. During that trip was also the only 'live or die" moment I can recall ever having on a motorcycle. I was very new to riding and foolishly pushed the bike hard through a corner at about 80mph and before I knew it I was on the edge of the asphalt with a soft shoulder in front of me and I remember thinking something like, "I'm going to die". So I pushed as hard as I could on the bars and, low and behold, I made it. It made me very happy and forever put the "err on the side of caution" into my heart. This was all in the early 90's but it caused me to take a trip down memory lane when I saw all the 750s in the photos. Thanks for the pix.

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