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Wait, Wait - Don't Tell Me!

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OK, so I didn't set my DVR in time and I missed today's races. Can anyone who is planning on posting about it hold until Wednesday which is the next time it airs in my neck of the woods? As a Moderator - I MUST review every post and if I review yours I will know the outcome.




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They do have a way to have them record them all Rainman...my kids could help you with this if need be.


As the Brits would say, taking the _iss out of you!



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Oh good... now I can tell everyone that Billy Joe Jim Bob won the local bar stool race here yesterday. I was having a hard time sitting on that one. Rumor is he's been working on some butt-crack aerodynamics which are apparently paying off. Big news here in the Redneck Riviera. :rolleyes:



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Redneck Riviera...that's a new one for me, but I did laugh out loud. The aerodynamics thing...I need to leave that alone.

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