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Vision Vision Vision!


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Hi Everyone.


I'm new to the forum, but not new to the school.

I did levels 1 and 2 at Eastern creek here in Australia back in 2006.

Definitely the limiting factor for me, and one that i will work through and over come, is vision.

My peripheral vision has never been the greatest, and henceforth i don't really trust it very much, and as you can imagine it is a limiting factor when it comes to riding.

The worst habit i have by far is, when i'm in a corner and looking through the turn to the vanishing point, is that i will constantly look from there to quickly scan the road in front of me for something thats going to make me lose traction, gravel, dirt whatever it may be.

It's a hard one to get past but i'm trying.

And i find that on some corners i will lose sense of where i am, so i'm looking at the vanishing point, rolling on the throttle and i'll find that i'm too close to the white dividing line and sometimes slightly cross it, no doubt this is due to not having dialled in the correct amount of lean angle for the turn, and or chopping the throttle and upsetting the bike.

I put this down to not turning the bike at the right place and more than once after having picked my turn point and then looking into the turn to select how much steering input I'm going to put in, my vision lets me down and i either turn in too early or too late.

I have almost gone off the road twice due to turning too late and almost going into the gravel, which is not a place i want to be!!

I have pulled out my copy of TOTW2 and reading it again, and honestly it should stay on my bedside table forever, really awesome book and invaluable reading.

Any others out there with similar problems??

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Your issue may be as simple as the timing of WHEN you look. A few questions...


1) According to the 2-step drill, when should you spot your apex?

2) According to the 3-step drill, when should you spot your exit point (i.e. vanishing point, widest point at exit, etc.)?

3) When ARE you spotting the points in each?



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Some of this is in the new classes in Level 2, and not yet in the books--Twist 3 eventually :)


There is some data in the book (Twist 2), see what you think of that, let us know if it answers or helps. Maybe have a look at Chapters 21 and 22.




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