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Rabat And Peg Weighting.


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I didn't see him ride - could he have been hanging his body off so much that his outside leg had to lift that high to accommodate the position? Or was it clearly a lift off the pegs without moving his leg? Seems like the radical hang off position that Marquez uses has been influencing other riders to hang off farther - I wonder if there will be changes in the bikes coming to make it easier for riders to hang off even farther. I'd need a seat belt!

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IMHO maybe the G-forces already made him very connected to the bike in turn via seat , inner peg and gas tank alone.

No need for peg support if you can do that but i doubt that is even manageable at legal speeds or UNTUNED/UNMODIFIED supersport bikes.

remember in moto2, only the engine is from a CBR6000RR , everything else is... a one off, top secret sauce~

One moto 3 Kalex/suter chassis alone costs in the realm of 20-30K euros, im assuming the bigger moto2 cost even more !

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I noticed the foot off the peg as well, several times, and it looked like he had very little grip from hanging off so far and moved it back and in a bit from memory, but I couldn't find any useful footage. But these videos shows just how much work is involved if you want to become numero ono.



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That this momentary lifting off the pegs is not limited to Rabat, but also some other riders [ mostly Spanish ] is what gets me.I have seen Lorenzo do this very subtly as well.


Interesting to note Rabat does not slide but rather lifts his bum from side to side.

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