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I am poorly coordinated. This is easily felt every time I change gears, be it on my bike or in my car, in that I simply cannot make an identical move every time. Perhaps 70% of the time, but not every time. Lately, I have also experimented in the gym, where we have David machines with separately moving handles for each hand. And again, despite my best effort, I only manage to move them in perfect harmony about 70% of the time. Anybody else suffer from this?

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I hear you brother. I too am a spaz. Perhaps we should start a support group.


Still, I can ride well enough to beat a bunch of other people on the race track. Smarts, experience, composure, skill, etc. can make up for a lot. But if I come up against someone with as much experience as me, who works as hard as me, and who also happens to be athletically gifted....yeah, he's going to kick my ass.


There's always a bigger gorilla in the jungle....

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Depends on what I concentrate on, when I use the 2 step my body movements are pretty much the same in any given corner, when I play around with how hard I brake (or how hard I push the handlebar, steering impuls) I start losing coordination for a while until I have things automized again.


Meditation helps too, my coordination is way better after having quieted my mind. If you're not into meditating, just pull over for 10 or so minutes, you'll notice the difference.



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