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Quick Change Of Direction

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Randy Mamola once reveiled that the way to quick flick, like superfast, was to dip the clutch/close the throttle, but only during the transision phase, eliminating all gyro stability from the engine. I wouldn't dare it..


My own expirience tells me that picking/steering the bike up works very well, but it's a consious effort to keep up with your body when doing so. The bike reacts very fast and sometimes I find myself still hanging off to the wrong side. So counter that I lift myself off the seat with my feet just as the bike pass vertical and that kinda drops me into the second part of the corner..

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How do you think they do that?


super aggressive steering angle , aggressive profiled tires and super light weight bikes?


Stroker and RonniB nailed it!

ktk_ace you know that the more you increase the steering angle the more the high speed stability decreases, yes?

In the referenced photo they are all on the same tyre (compound???) and same weight bikes, so would that apply?


It is their ability to pick the bike up very quick and remain in control.

Thats why they get paid the big bucks :P

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