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Rear Rebound - Trailing Edge Vs. Leading Edge?

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Rear Rebound - trailing Edge vs. leading Edge?


Tire Question:

  1. Trailing Edge has a lip, does that mean we have to increase rebound aka make it softer ==> turn to S vs. H?
  2. Leading Edge has a lip = make it harder aka turn towards H (harder)?
  3. How can you tell your coasting through to corners on a rear trailing edge (lip) vs having a rebound issue?


Definitions Questions:

  1. 2 clicks out = from H (hard) to S (soft) 2 clicks?
  2. Is the saying X clicks out always from H (Hard all the way in) to Soft (all out)?






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My very best recommendation is to go and watch Dave Moss' show On The Throttle on Tyre Wear from back in 2010. Do note that it's almost 1h45m, so take your time and take notes.


The lips on the sipes (thread pattern) does indeed tell you whether the rebound is too fast or too slow. However, you should only look at the "band" of the tire where you are on the gas.


Normally, clicks are counted out from Hard.


As I recall (but do check the video by Dave)

If the leading edge has a raised edge and trailing edge is rounded off, the rebound is too slow, meaning that you need to speed it up (ie make rebound softer).

If the leading edge is rounded off and trailing edge is raised, the rebound is too fast.




Edit: resaw parts of Dave's show/lesson and found out I had it the opposite way around.

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Specific to tire wear, this guy summarized it and credits Dave Moss in the link. There are other sites that pretty much show the same thing also.




If you have stock suspension or aftermarket, the manual should explain how to make the changes. If you are unsure, you could list your stock or aftermarket suspension and we can help you out. If you don't know what your suspension is, that is a different story. Usually, you can set it to one end or the other, compress and/or release (settle) and that should tell you how you adjusted it based on how easy/hard it is to compress or how fast/slow it settled.

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