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Oil Filters

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What oil filters are the best to use? I am reading some things on filters that I thought were good that have me second guessing them.

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I might be over thinking it. I bought a K&N but some people say it doesn't filter as well as it claims. I am probably not running my bike hard enough for it to matter.

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I tend to agree with the general logic of changing them frequently and not putting a lot of thought into it. You can compare and read stuff about oil and filters online all day but it shares one common theme. Not a lot of what you read is actually scientific. I'm sure you have read the phrase "oh god not another oil thread" on bike forums. People spend big bucks on oil analysis and put a lot of time into well thought out arguments over dead dinosaur sauce. :)


Despite all of that I'm pretty anal about what goes in my bikes. I gladly pay full retail price for OEM branded oil filters and use only the recommended fluids if it's possible. My logic of course is the people who engineered and built my bikes know better than anybody else what it's needs are. While in reality it probably does not make one bit of difference at all but it's one less thing for me to think about.

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