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Hi All,

Time to stop lurking!
I did my first class with Cobie and the crew last September and I'm extremely proud to have been brought on board as a trainee coach for CSS.

I started riding dirtbikes when I was 10, started road racing 2-strokes when I was 22 and started coaching for MSF ten years later.

I've been teaching for a track school here in Texas since 2010 and I'll be starting my coach training with Cobie in a few months - as soon as the injuries from a recent supermoto 'incident' heal up!


I currently ride an RSV4 on the track, along with the supermoto - a converted KTM 520SX that is a blast to ride on dirt and short asphalt tracks. I also ride dirt with my kids every chance I get.

My hobby is restoring classic race bikes. My RC30 superbike is finished so my next resto project is a late model RGV250 almost identical to the bikes I raced back in the 90s. Between projects I teach riders how to repair and upgrade their own bikes and usually manage to get out to the track 10-20 times a year.


I'm looking forward to coaching for CSS and meeting students all over the country.

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Welcome! Congratulations on your coach-training opportunity! The training is tough but it's a fantastic learning experience.


I wish you were closer to So CA, I would LOVE for someone to teach me more about repairing and upgrading my own bikes. I am slowly learning more and more but without expert guidance I always wonder if there is a better way to do things. Every time I watch someone really experienced I learn great stuff about how to work more quickly, safely, and efficiently.


I look forward to meeting you at a school sometime soon!




PS - RSV4s are awesome, and your project bikes sound great.

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Thanks Hotfoot,

I know what you mean about expert guidance - I got mine when I was a kid working on tractors and trucks on the farm. It was good training. Learning to work on bikes was a lot easier - less mud!

Here's a magazine article on my last project:



I like your attitude Cobie. There's nothing that can't be done with sufficiently large hammers!

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Ha ha, I need some training on tractor maintenance too! I'm getting pretty good with carbs and tuning on the other engines around here (ATV, dirt bikes, etc.) but I don't know much at all about diesel engines. Luckily the tractor is tough as nails and rarely has any problem worse than a low tire. :)

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Another converted lurker. One down and many many more to go. :)


I really admire the level of passion you have for keeping the "old stuff" around for the future. So many great old bikes end up unloved and unwanted when the technology evolves. It's nice to see them preserved with all of their war wounds cleaned and kept around. Despite the lack of speed they all have a story to tell and something about them that makes them a hoot to ride.


Good luck on the coach training. Students like myself who come year after year benefit greatly by fresh perspectives. It's a lot of hard work but my guess is it's more than worth it seeing the smiles on the coaches faces. :)

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Keeping the old stuff around is actually really, really expensive. For the price of restoring my RC30 I could have bought a really nice track bike, or a new dirt bike. And the older the stuff is the more you need to know about engineering and machining. My bike was a great education in welding, fabricating and CNC machining. It was a lot of -fun but now I don't dare ride it due to a complete lack of spares.

I'm looking forward to completing the coach training. I'm really excited about riding with students all over the country. And you're right, the smiles make it all worthwhile.

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