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Can't Get Locked On Anymore

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It's driving me nuts. If feels like my stomp grips are greased. I had it down where I could get locked on and in a good position at any speed. Now I just feel wrong all the time. I have spent a few weeks away from the gym - too many other obligations getting in the way - and maybe it's a physical thing.


I keep looking for that feeling I had and I'm sure I'll get there eventually. Maybe after I get my fitness back.

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Maybe your track buddies are trying to slow you down and did, in fact, grease your StompGrip. :) Are you recovering from an injury that is limiting your fitness? Do you feel like your technique has changed? Do you feel this way when you are fresh or does it seem to happen later in the day? How do your arms/wrists feel.. fatigued after a few laps? If you feel your arms/wrists are getting a workout you may be holding on with your upper body rather than the lower. Make sure you butt isn't too far off to the side or fore/aft, it opens up the angle of the outside leg resulting in a smaller contact patch against the tank. Extend your foot (outside leg) so your knee/thigh drives up into the tank.


I don't know that this will help but here are a few refreshers. I hope you are able to "get your lean back" :)


Refer back to drills like:

1) Relax

2) Knee 2 Knee

3) Hip Flick


here are a few clips from CSS YouTube Page:


Kieth's articles on this forum:


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No my wrists are fine and I'm still mostly off the bars. But up until a couple of weeks ago, I was able to apply more force on the tank than I can right now. The contact was more secure and the pressure between my thigh and tank was really good. I've ruled out an issue with my position (foot, butt, angle of thigh on tank). I think it's either that I'm not getting as much strength from my leg or my core isn't as stable as it was. This would sort of make sense because lately I've been thinking I figured it out early in a ride (first 5 minutes) and then "nope, I've lost it." So I guess I'm just an out of shape blob that gets tired way too easy.


Gotta get back to work. Also bc I've added an inch to my waist. :huh:

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Had, and still sometimes have this problem. For me it was a matter of getter farther back in the seat. I was rotating around the gas tank and my knee was never in the right place. I still find myself having this problem under hard braking but I'm working on squeezing my knees harder when it calls for it. Staying back in the seat, chest on the tank really helped a lot as far as connection to the bike. Could work for you..

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