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Taiwan 2017

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Taiwan trips have all be good, this was no exception, and a few things that made it even better than before.


First it was the first CODERACE that we had run there, and one of the first outside the US. Excellent result, like we had been doing it there for years. Stephanie Redman is the Oz Chief Riding Coach, and had it perfectly organized and run. We pay real attention to the pairing of the students with the coaches, and was about as good as I'd ever seen it done.


Next we had Mike Jones, Australian Superbike Champ, and recently filling in at a few MotoGP rounds. Mike is about as nice a chap as one could meet, and riding is a pleasure to watch. They put him on a streetbike Ducati, and in pretty short order (on the 2nd day) he had broken the lap record. I think we'll be seeing more of Mike.


There was the usual off-track fun and games, part of it at a local go-kart track. I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks on that, but the rush to see the lap times at the end of each session was like a new iphone release--stampede.


Back in the US as of yesterday, still a bit bleary eyed from the travel, should be back to battery soon.



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I don't think it is on their calendar at this point. It had been done once, some years ago. Certainly the thing to do would be to send them an e-mail if you'd like to have one there!


Badger (Richard Browne) would be the one to notify.

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