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Race Suspension Set Up Questions

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Hi Everyone!


Need to answer some of my unanswered questions about setting up my Suspension for Race Season 2017.


Having some unanswered Questions about Race Suspension Set up for my Race S1000RR 2015.


I got replaced my Front Fork to a CLosed Cartrige System from White Power and a Rear Shock from WhitePower as Well.


How much Static SAG am I looking for?

How much Rider SAG am I looking for?

How much Sag am I looking for compared to how much I stick the front fork through the triple clamp? (lowering the front)

If I stick the front fork through the triple clamp the bike becomes more unstable, in which parts does the bike become more unstable?


Thank you in advance.


Best Regards

Roland from Austria.

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I recently finished Max McAllister's "Suspension for Mortals" DVD. The entire thing is now available on YouTube, as I think he no longer produces the video for purchase. Here's part 1


I'm glad he put it online.


However, I must say that I prefer Dave Moss' teaching style- I actually bought his video several years ago. He has a lot of material on YouTube as well, but it's not laid out as well as the above I provided where you can binge watch a video set (a few hours required - or watch in segments) and leave feeling that your understanding has increased.


In the video (albeit near the end), Max discusses where to make adjustments to the motorcycle (front vs rear) to get the effect wanted. This addresses your question about moving the forks in the clams. He also discusses what is geometry and how does that affect handling during braking, turn-in to mid corner and corner exit. Sag is discussed in the middle or late in the beginning.


Overall, I'm glad I watched the entire thing. Answered several questions for me.

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