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Hydration Symptom

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Hydration we discuss a lot, and this might be part of an earlier thread...we'll see if Hotfoot needs to straighten me out on this.


Here is the symptom: the neck. Does it get stiff, and a little crunchy (when it's rotated around a bit)?


This was happening to me, and I'd thought I was drinking enough (might have been), but looks like I need more electrolytes/minerals.


Has this happened to anyone else?



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I experienced this quite a bit when mountain bike racing over the years and on the motorcycle in high temps or when I am pushing limits.  On hot days, when I was unable to absorb enough fluids, sugars, or electrolytes I got, and still get, sand paper neck.  I usually don't notice the crunchies until I am off the bike and the adrenaline kicks back a notch or two. Without the noise of the mountain bike and heavy breathing it becomes really obvious.  For my fitness level I was using electrolye drinks in my camelbak, sugar via shot-blocks or gu, and long distance carbs via Clif bars.  The least amount of sand paper was when I was taking in as much fluid capacity as possible without getting sick (right at the point of water intoxication).  I tried 9 different electrolyte mixes, drinks and powders over the years, I also tried pills with the drinks.  Due to taste, there were only 4 drinks I actually used during racing.  The pills your team provided during training were a great source to stave off cramping.  I also used Sport Legs, several products by Hammer, and Optigen.  No endorsement here, just laying out the groundwork to show testing for my particular fitness was above what most would have the patience to push through.  The best combination for ME, for MY Fitness (which changes with seasons unfortunately), to push back against the sand paper continues to be a Gu make electrolyte product.  

Admission: When first going to school with CSS I found out that most of my motorcycle sand paper was due to my helmet sitting too low.  Dylan fixed that with two foam blocks, which to this day I am still amazed at the immediate difference.

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