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Hello from Castro Valley, CA


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I was at the Doc Wong/Keith Code clinic at Cañada College in March, and based on my experience there decided to finally pull the trigger and will be attending CSS at Laguna in June with a co-worker!

I've been riding for awhile, got the track day bug recently, and am looking to improve all aspects of my riding.

I'm curious what is recommended as prep to have the best CSS experience possible, should I have the book 100% memorized and already be very familiar with the particular track (as there are lots of track maps and on-board videos from past students online), or is it better to come into the experience completely unprepared?

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If you can get around to reading the two books Twist of the Wrist Vol1 and Vol2, you'll be prepared to better understand the classroom portions of the school as the language will be familiar.


The jury is still out on the value of watching track videos beforehand.

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Welcome, geoff2k!

IMO the classes are so well thought out that you don't need to do any prep to get the most out of them. I believe it's 5 topics per day and each one leads perfectly into the next. Each one is in the format:

  1. introduce topic
  2. practice skill on track
  3. debrief with coach

After the 5th cycle, the pattern breaks a bit and you get some time to reinforce whatever you need. It's your first time on track the whole day where you're not assigned something new to practice and things start to gel a bit more.

The first couple of sessions of the day are designed to help familiarize yourself with the track so I never felt like I should have known the track better ahead of time.

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