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Possible rules change for crashes - Spoiler alert Moto3

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Watching a recent MotoGP 3 race in LaMans France I was wondering if the forum had any input on the possible rules change

to prevent the carnage of racers and bikes.  Apparently a rule change has been on the back burner to prevent any crashed

rider and bike from returning to the track.  Thoughts?  I tried starting a poll also.


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Good thing for me that I'm not into Moto3, but I'm sure that someone else is. I try as much as possible to avoid learning anything about a race before I've watched my DVR and I'm behind by at least 2 races. I hope that you added a spoiler alert to your title.

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Jaybird - excellent suggestion to add the alert.  Luckily one of the Moderators added it for me.  Gotta love coverage from above; isn't that where the Moderators hang out?, the top of the page?


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Accidents like this one, were a busted engine leaks oil across a large piece of the track is pretty rare.

They said during the broadcast that this has been discussed before and was likely to be brought up again due to this incident.

For me, it doesn't make sense to make a pretty sweeping rule change which only helps once in a blue moon.

As an example, a "down and you're out for the race" rule wouldn't have stopped the carnage at last year's Moto3 race at Philip Island, where John McPhee got run over by another rider and punctured his lungs (I think it was both).

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I think down and out rules are bad for sport. I didn't see it, but I understand that Miguel Duhamel is the only rider to go down in the Daytona 200 and come back and win the race. Stuff like that is inspirational and I love to see a guy come back from crazy odds. It's happened a couple times this year already with Beaubier, Davies, Elias, Hayes...no wins from any of them but THEY PUT IN WORK.

What I think works better is that if you egregiously cause another rider to crash, you pay a fixed amount cash penalty to that rider so he (and his team) can rebuild the bike. I think a rule like that will work all the way down to the amateur levels and cause folks to reconsider dodgy passes.

Get rid of political penalties. Stuff happens in racing and poor rule making can stifle spectator interest. Ask AMA officials about that.

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