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Las Vegas, Classic Course

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Was interesting to hear a few of the coaches commenting on the drive home last night about the different levels of traction from yesterday (Sunday) to the day before.  There had been a bit of rain overnight, and the track had been used as a parking lot for NASCAR previously.  We surmised it cleaned off whatever was there.  

I'm fairly constantly amazed at the different levels of traction awareness there is.  I think one reason is that if a rider doesn't know how to get the same response from a motorcycle (whatever the bike, whatever the conditions), there is going to be uncertainty, lack of confidence: "What is this bike really going to do to me?"  

Another way to look at this would be, is it the bike, the surface, or is it the rider?



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On 3/12/2018 at 7:34 PM, Cobie Fair said:

Another way to look at this would be, is it the bike, the surface, or is it the rider?

In aviation, investigators look for "links" in the accident chain; it's never ONE thing that causes something bad to happen but a series of small things that resulted in the bad thing happening. I suppose the corollary to motorcycles would be to look at the environmental conditions, tire condition and the appropriateness of suspension settings to determine result. For sure the greatest variable is the rider- that MAGIC being can that process all of what's happening and make billions of calculations per second and correct for all other variables. If the rider's data is faulty or application is faulty then certainly best outcome will be uncertainty.

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The first day at CSS for me and one of my favorite drills is riding the course for a sighting lap. Ride the outer perimeter for one lap, and then the inner perimeter for another. Ride over all of the surfaces, realize that they are not as slippery. Or look for dust and debris. This helps so much to make you less "edge shy" and become acquainted with the surface. I do this on my canyon rides now and the first lap of my track days. 

Looking forward to checking out Thunderhill in June! 

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