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My best suspension modification was a 2 day class


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The cost of the 2 day class is pretty close to the cost of new Ohlins for my RnineT.  I actually had to make that choice, and since I come from the old school  'ya run what ya brung' way of thinking, I figured that knowledge beats out hardware most days.

Boy was I right.  What was really marginal, harsh, and unresponsive suspension is now completely smooth, responsive, and supple suspension.

As it turns out, putting yourself in the right place AT ALL TIMES and having your awareness focused on what is happening in the relationship between your yourself, your motorcycle, and the road surface....well, that changes everything.  Of course, a new set of Q3+ doesn't hurt either.

I can't count the number of off-road events I participated in where the cool guys with the best gear got their asses handed to them by some fat kid on a clapped out 20 year old dirt bike.  Riding skill is riding skill, and they don't sell it on Revzilla.  They do actually sell it at CSS however, and besides being fun as hell, it is hands down the best suspension improvement I have ever made.

This is not exactly news to anyone on this forum, but I just had to crow a little.


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