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Old Dog...New tricks...


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Good day all.
Steve Kelly here.  57 years young, looking forward to another 20+ years on two wheels.  Been an MSF Rider Coach for over 10 years coaching the BRC, BRC2, & ARC.  Retired USMC Helicopter pilot and sound engineer for local & regional bands.

Been riding cruisers ('73 Ironhead Sporty, '95 FLSTN, '98 Valk) and baggers ('81 GL1100 Standard, 2014 GL1800BD - F6B) for 20+ years, got 126,000 miles on my 2014 F6B.  I have lots of fun the Georgia/Tennessee/North Carolina back roads!  Being retired doesn't suck....

Never owned a sportbike, but I always wanted to learn.  Coaching the Advanced Rider Course on the F6B was leading to too many footpeg replacements - wrong tool for the job - and the '95 Harley was no better.  As luck would have it, a 2008 BMW K1200S came my way on 30 Dec and after 2 months and 2500 miles on her, I decided that I needed to do more than just read TOTW2 and watch the video.

So...I just signed up for the Barbers School in May - really looking forward to being on the other side of the coaching for a change.  Looking forward to learning new stuff on these "go-faster" bikes.  Something for cornering that is just a bit more than "Slow, Look, Press, Role"....

Attached is a pic of "Lena" & I in Camden, Alabama 




Blackwater Park stop.jpg

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Added a pic of "Lena"
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On 2/26/2020 at 9:05 PM, Red_Baron said:

Super nice looking bike, enjoy riding it in health.


Thank you!
I've put over 2500 miles on her in 2 months.  What a joy!

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