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Recovering from off season

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So I did Vegas with CSS last October and then this Feb. My laptimes by the end of the second day were ~5 seconds slower than my laptimes on the second day last year. Since I'm intending to start racing this year I thought that was definitely a notable drop, though obviously I will likely recover the time very quickly if I were to go again after getting some more track days in this year to knock the rust off.

What I thought I'd ask is, especially for anyone who's in a place without a full year riding climate, how you prevent that kind of rust from building up, or shake it off as quickly as possible?

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Following this thread - looking for answers as well. From 2 perspectives:
First, not necessarily from a 'racing' perspective, but in general, what can be done to assist all the northern riders who haven't ridden in 3-6 months, who then change the oil in their bikes in February and then trailer them to Daytona in March and get on them for the first time with 30,000 of their closest friends?  

Second: when I coached in Philly, as soon as the weather broke, I would ride to the MSF range and work on my short game and riding demos, not expecting anything epic, knowing it was going to be a "work in progress."  4 sessions & about 8 riding hours later, I was ready to coach again.  However, this racing thing is new to me, but since I'm probably not going to get to the track that often, regardless of weather, there is still going to be rust that needs busting in between track days.



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