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What would you prefer?

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Imagine you are going to participate in a local 600 stock road race on the track of your choice. Which one of these options would you pick?

1. Although you lack the skills, at least yet, to fight even remotely near the front, knowing you have the ultimate 600 perfectly set up right down to the latest and greatest street legal rubber money can buy make you full of glee. 

2. Every rider sitting on the exact same material makes for an even playfield, meaning the fastest rider wins. 

3. While the others all ride contemporary 600 race replicas, you show up on your 1986 FZ600 - and win the race because your riding is at a different level.


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I personally would opt for #3 and I'll explain why. For #1, having a "fast machine", doesn't necessarily make you a fast/better rider. You still need the skill set IOT be able to push that machine to the limit and utilize most if not all of its potential. For #2, yes equal machinery levels the playing field, but now you're not battling a superior machine, you're battling other riders and their skill sets. I can say with all honesty and confidence lol that I don't believe my skill set is there to take a podium against other riders with way more track time and experience than I have, at least not yet anyways. I opt for number three because in my opinion, in order for me to beat superior machines and riders with an older and what some might consider "inferior" machine by today's standards, that means my skill set is at a level waaaaaay beyond where it is now, and that would mean I've reached or have gotten closer to that personal goal that I have, which is to become a much better rider on the track. I want to eventually compete in a few races at some point but given my age and level right now, I'm pretty sure MotoAmercia is a far cry for me to reach lol, and WSBK, my dream lol is even more unrealistic lol. Not impossible but.... very very difficult to say the least. If im at that level in option 3, that would mean Im right there and those dreams are more within reach than ever, and I've become that rider that I want to be. That's just me personally, sorry for the long response.

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I have always claimed it is much nicer to be first with inferior equipment, regardless of sport, than to come between second and last with the best equipment. But many people in my experience would rather have the best tool, even when it makes them look like one. 

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