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Let's Play a Game: What can we learn from a photograph?


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I have a wall photo in my home office taken during one of my CSS school days at ViR. It's nicely framed and in a place where I look at it frequently as I telework. The photo has me followed by two other riders as I'm nearing the inside edge of a right turning corner about 1-1/2 meters away. I can see the greenery in the background but it's blurred in the distance. Our heads are turned and it appears we are all looking somewhere near the same point. It's possible that being in the front, I might have begun to look toward the corner exit as my vision is slightly elevated relative to the following rider. We are all wearing dark or mirrored shields, so I cannot see any eyes. The bikes are leaned over in successive amounts and our knees are out. I think I'm aiming the bike at the apex.

I can see that neither of us are trailing the brakes and two of us appear relaxed and in a stable body position based upon front zipper alignment and head/shoulder direction. It didn't dawn on me until writing this post, how uncomfortable the second rider looks. It also looks like the camera added 25lbs to my stature, but that's not pertinent to riding technique (or is it???).

I can see the position of our toes on the pegs...and the uncomfortable rider's foot position makes it look like he might be supporting his weight in his hip, sorta scrunched up.

Being in the front, I have more fork extension than the 2nd rider. We're both on Black BMW school bikes, and based on that I ascertain that I'm on the gas more and both our right wrists are straight and aligned to the elbow. I can't see the 3rd rider's forks on his red and white GSXR, but his wrist is bent, indicating that he intends to roll his hand and leave his elbow behind. I can see significant daylight in the area formed by the back of his knee, the bike and his butt- he's hanging off a lot. I also think he might be a 1/2 nanosecond late on his 3-step vision because although he has some distance before he arrives where we are, his helmet doesn't appear to be pointed as deep into the corner as we are. 

How well did I do describing the photo? Are you able to see it in your mind's eye?

Did I miss any important bits that are in every photo? What other information can be learned by observing a photo? 

Next person to play the game: Describe a Moto pic and the technical information about the rider's technique.

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