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How to get my Speed Triple to break a sweat on mountain roads

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I live near some great mountain roads and want to get more out of my Speed Triple than my skills currently support.
I'm not really excited by top speed in the straights. Anyone (to a point) can twist and hang on while the bike does its thing.

What I'm very interested in is negotiating twisty roads in a way that maximizes the capabilities of my bike.
I've been riding about 3 years (roughly 26,000 miles) and I'm at an age when most riders are choosing big cruisers, not sport bikes.
Is California Super Bike School a good option to teach this old dog some new techniques?

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Absolutely. :) You will find the school well suited to exactly what you are looking for. Since you are in Georgia, the closest track for you would probably be Barber, in Birmingham. It's a beautiful track and a neat experience to go there.

If you are interested in flying out and riding a school bike, Streets of Willow is the track that would most simulate street riding, with a lot of tighter technical corners.

It is definitely OK if you are more focused on skills and techniques than on top speed, we are all about "the art of cornering" and the drills and curriculum will be on bike control and riding techniques, not about trying to get you to go as fast as you can in a straight line.

There is no doubt in my mind that you will get what you are looking for AND have a great time doing it.

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I could not agree more with Hotfoot.

I thought I would be the oldest guy at CSS, and to my surprise quite a few were older and few more about my age, 61.

The camaraderie is such that age is not a factor at all.

Be somewhat fit, since the 2 day school program can be demanding for some people.

Sign up and put a check mark next to that bucket list.

Also, you have great taste on bikes. 😉

I have a 2017 Speed Triple R ABS.

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