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Cobie Fair

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As one of the best races at the MotoGP level in a while, I was curious as to what the members thought about the riders.  Obviously pretty amazing that Rins on the Suzuki made it to the front (too bad out next year :(), but I was impressed my Bagnia and keeping his cool.

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Oz race was fantastic. The tight grouping of the front riders and the amount of, and precision with, passing throughout the race was fabulous. Best race I have seen in long time as well.  Been rooting for Pecco since the beginning of the year.  All of his early season DNFs were concerning but in the second half of the season he has ridden smart, bringing incredible precision and consistency to his laps. He has also kept his adrenaline in check.  One to watch next year will be Enea. Some of his wins and podiums this year were very impressive. Feels like he has a few Championship titles coming his way in the not too distant future. Cheers.  

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Yeah, Pecco's impressive now.  

But the Suzuki (Rins, correct?), wow!  And they are out at the end of the year, whaaaa :(.


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