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Barbers 2023!

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Good day all!

I am returning to CSS this month and I'm totally stoked.

I skipped last year due to an unfortunate incident, and I can't wait to get back.  I'll be there 29, 30 & 31 May.  Staying at the Hampton right outside the gate.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Cheers, Steve

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Barbers 2023 is "in the books!"

Thanks to Cobie & Johnnie and their coaching staff, JJ and his maintenance staff, and Laura and her hospitality staff. 

Special thanks to Coach Laura and Keith on my first day for getting me reoriented to the track and busting the rust.  

Then big thanks to Ian, Jon, and Lonnie for taking my skills where they've never been before during the 2 Day Camp.

Hope to see all y'all next year at Barbers!

Cheers, Steve

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Hi Steve!

Don't want to pass this along (but I will) as I'll just need to get them all bigger helmets :) !

Great to have you there, and I just posted how perfect the weather had been, really amazingly so.  We'll be spoiled for future trips.



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