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July @ The Ridge / great weather in the great northwest

Captain Kirk

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Great weather in the great northwest brought and awesome week of fun and safety to the ridge raceway.

shout out to Dillon and the technical training in the classroom, Laura and the hospitality, Josh and the rider services, Dan and the bike support, James and the 1:1 on track coaching, Trevor keeping the day running smoothly, of course Keith and his continued Joy for this amazing sport. Their teamwork makes the experience comfortable and feel valued as a customer.

I personally received simple skills and tactics in level 1 to add to 40 years of track experience. Specifically throttle control and relaxing, made a huge improvement in my confidence, safety and speed!

I brought a friend to his first track experience and the excitement and enthusiasm he shared was worth every penny and more!

if you are reading this and we’re there, please add to the thread

if you are reading this and considering booking a date for yourself or friend, Do It!

California Superbike School Rules!

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I went for a ride this morning - just to see what I retained from the work I did on the level 1 and 2 work I did this week


It was remarkable, the positive impacts this course have already had in improving my ridding style and capability.


I will also add ,as someone who participates in Workshops and Training frequently, CSBS’s  two day course standout as the most engaging and informative training session I have ever participated in in my decades of learning. 

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