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CODERACE, history/origin

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The School has been evolving since it started.  The actual roots were in 1976 when Keith did some training in SoCal--first classes were actually at his house.

Then in 1980 he officially opened CSS.  It has continued to evolve, with a major format change in 1995.  That's when Keith started the one classroom on a major technique, then ride afterwards.  The different levels (1-4) came about, and have been updated/adjusted/refined, which continues. What comes after Level 4?  Some were interested in racing, so--CODERACE  was established.  Totally different format school.  CSS is foundation techniques (and suggested as the first steps).  

CODERACE is a different animal indeed.  A nice place for students to take the next step with near-private training...each coach only has 2 students--total.  That's 20 students for the whole day.  Tons of riding, more than most can actually handle--coaches are often advising students to "pace themselves" so they aren't burnt out by the end of the day, as they will be racing.

Part of the plan was to give our repeat students a place to go, and part of the plan is to give the coaches a fun school to work at.  Yep, we're a bit selfish on that, it's the most sought after school by the coaching staff to work.  

Hope to see you there!



PS: I didn't include the date, but next one is Oct 23-24.

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Just finished CODERACE, and it didn't disappoint.  The winner of the first race is a 66 year old, and going fast.

The winner of the 2nd race is 13 year old (on a 250) and did an 1.18.6 in qualifying!  Holy cow. 

Kinda interesting when he comes past you (just about any corner), then you repass him on the straight...sometimes, and then eventually you don't repass him at all.

Couple of excellent days at the track.  

The attentive observer would have seen Keith on track too :).

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