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Willow Springs weather, and traction

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Last 4 days were interesting at Streets of Willow.  Started at 86 degrees F, went to 52.  Interestingly enough, the track has pretty good traction, even in the cold.

But for riders coming from LA, something to note: It was raining in LA, and all the way to Palmdale over the weekend, but was not at the track.  The weather stayed away till the end of day on both Saturday and Sunday (we got wet at the end of Sunday).  Please don't assume if raining in LA, it's raining at the track!

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Streets of Willow is amazing that way, we have had so many days where we could see the rain in the distance, or see it coming then watch it go right around us but not rain at the track. I wonder if it is because of those hills behind the track? Anyway it was a great move to put the track in that spot!!

The Vegas track is like that, too, lots of times we see rain to the south, but it doesn't get to the racetrack. Magic. :)

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