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Level 4 Help

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Hey firedog,


Level four is by far the best! First and foremost ride the SLIDEBIKE!!! It will give you a great feel for that all important throttle control. Plus you'll learn to acutually save a slide. Maybe even control one if your smooth enough. ;)

If you race or do alot of trackdays, think about what you are struggling with.. Dont go, just thinking I want to be faster. Really sit down with yourself (and be honest) where do I suck and need improvement. Level four allows you and your riding coach to foucus on specific drills that will address each problem. Ofcourse your coach will point out some areas that could be improved, so be open minded too.


Hope to see you out there.

James B. (JR)

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Is the "slide bike" available in Australia?


I havent heard of it here but seen it on the website!


I don't think they have it yet, but you should lean on those guys to get one :) It really is a great training aid, for a few reasons.


They've just changed sponsors too, now they have Suzuki.



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