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Hello , I'm New To This

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Hi all.


I'll be attending my first CSS at VIR this September in level 1. I was wondering what to expect as this being my first time on a track and what level 1 consists of. Is there anything I need to know to help me along with the class. I've read and re read TOTW 1 & 2 and I must say they've helped me immensly in my street riding but anyways if someone can answer my questions and maybe elaborate some on it I would be most grateful.



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All you need to do; is be prepared to be a good student.


To be a good student :-

* Make sure that you get plenty of rest the night before the school, it's a long day and you don't want to be fading out near the end.

* Turn up early, and be where you're asked to be (there are student wranglers to assist)

* Stick to the program and work on the drills

* Want to improve in every session (this is one of your instructors goals).

* Keep hydrated, drink plenty of water, eat well.

* Ride on the track with enough attention to learn ($10 - TWOT Introduction 'What'll it cost' Page xii)

* If you're unsure about something, or you have a question, tell someone. If you can't locate your instructor, ask another instructor. If they're all on track, let the staff know that you've got a question or problem, they can help or will find help for you.

* Enjoy!



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This is great!...haven't been to school yet and your already hooked. It isn't hard to have that happen.


The short answer is One level - One day. As an attendee of numerous schools, I would recommend (if you can manage it) that you sign up for schools on two consecutive days. It gives you the best opportunity to absorb and build on the progression of tools you will be given plus you will be more acclimated the second day...especially with the track.


Kevin Kane

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Thanks Kevin and yes I'm hooked big time !!! I can't wait to get there and learn. My girlfriend bought me the Level 1 for christmas and believe me I would have loved to go to the 2 day class but money restrictions come into play :-( But I'll make the best of what I have and enjoy it to the fullest !

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I'm also considering registering for the 1 day level 1 class at VIR in September. I don't own a track bike so this will be an opportunity to get out there.


What can you tell me about the gear rental? Is it just leathers, or leathers, boots, gloves, helmet??


A checklist for a newbiw of what to bring would be helpful.

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Yes , I got the bike and the leathers both in my package. I don't own a track bike ......... YET and I didn't think taking my personnal bike out was a good idea :blink: I have leathers but they're 2 piece and I've read that a 1 piece is much better in case you happen to go down. The 1 piece suit won't separate like a 2 piece might.


John, let me if you do sign on, maybe we could hook up. I live in Christiansburg which is a couple of hours away from VIR and I'll be attending the AMA race there as well. It should be a big weekend for me :D I think my class is set for Monday so let me know whats up !

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I got the 2-piece leathers also, so it isn't enough for me to feel safe. $65 for all of the gear is quite a good deal!


I'm in process of checking with my medical benefits to make sure they will pay, just in case something happens.


R1, I just registered for this site, so feel free to drop me an e-mail. btw, you're not all that far from me...I'm down in Charlotte.

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