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Its the Monday after 2 days at Miller and I haven't stopped thinking about my experience at the 2 day school riding the 24 Bike in the yellow group. I never would have thought that I would ever be able to control a motorcycle at those speeds with the amount of control I was able to apply. I had never been on a track, had never been on a bike newer than 1988 or with more horspower than, say 50.To say I felt a little nervous turning that zx-6r key for the first time would be an understatement.


On the first few laps I felt like monkey, but throughout the day with the help of my riding coach - Mike and the excellent class discussions, I steadily improved throughout the day. By the end of the day I felt like a totally different rider. Mike even mentioned that I looked like a different guy out there. Going to bed that night was tough even though I was exhausted. I kept wondering how much more could I possibly learn? The answer, I would find - is a friggin butt load.


The second day was just chocked full of Ah-Ha! moments. After a while you realize that its more about what your eyes are doing than anything else! Go figure. Each class room session built apon the last in an easy and understandable way. Digesting one simple skill every time. It was the middle of the day when I started to feel like was starting to be quick. Using the three step to see down the track giving you the opportunity to make a plan well in advance of executing it. it was working!.


By the way, My riding Coach for day 2 was Jim who was working the lean bike the day before. He was fabulous. I felt like he was tuning me like a part of suspension, little tweaks each time. It was the second to last session and he told me that my body position wasn't quite right. I had "Taco Neck" and was a little twisted on the bike. Between sessions He sat me on a bike and showed me what I needed to do_ sit back from the tank and point my dickus 15 or so degrees from the tank using my hips.


It worked! I felt really quick. It was that little tweak in my body position that allowed me to open up my field of vision even more! On the second lap I was thinking to myself: You haven't put your knee down and it looks like you won't. But you know, you didn't come here to do that necessarily. Then it happened on the second to last lap. I wasn't really even trying to do it. I was just trying to be quick. The next time around I did it and held it there for a bit. Awesome!


At the beginning of the 2 days I was getting passed and lapped by people and by the end only a few of the guys were passing me. My lap times Dropped al the way to 2:06. I think the fastest guy in the group was a 1:55. That made me feel really good about myself.


My adrenilene was really pumping and I didn't want to stop. Mike, Jim , Keith and Dylan opened my eyes to what I am capable of on a motorcycle. I've never had so much fun with my body in motion! And am feeling impatient for the next time I can get on a track to learn more. I'm gonna try for the Infineon school later in the year and maybe during the time in the middle talk to some AFM people about doing some Clubman racing as well as finding a new Bike.


Truly an experinece of a lifetime. If anyone has any doubts about it. Don't because its the best 2200 bucks you will ever spend. So don't go to Disneyland for your vacation go to superbike school and experience a real thrill ride.

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Thanks for that, Allen.


Great words for something I could never muster more for than, " Oh my Gawd ... this is SOOO COOL !!! "

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Allen, sounds like you made some HUGE improvements. Congrats! I love the last line of your post "So dont go to Disneyland for your vacation go to Superbike School and experinece a real thrill ride". Sounds like Keith may have a new catch phrase. :)


James B. (JR)

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Thanks, Yes Huge improvements. I wanna go back like....now... I'm looking for a bike as we speak. A hand-me-down 600 production. looking to spend 5 or 6K tops. Any suggestions one what years and makes are better than others would be greatly appreciated. I loved the Kawi zx6r by the way. Most sure footed bike I've ever been on. Not once was I concerned about lack of grip, traction or handling. Unfortunately the idea of buying one off the rack and spending more to make it race worthy is beyond what I'd be comfortable in spending. Hmmmm? Any links to other threads concerning this would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks ,


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If you are looking for a track bike - keep an eye on Craigslist for your local area. I got a 99 ZX6 in great condition for $2500. It just needs new tires. I'm putting on streel braided brake lines and doing a general tune up -but that is b/c I'm OCD and cant resist pulling things apart.


Also check your local clubs - buying somebody's already track prepped bike is also a great idea. Just change the oil, swap tires and go play.

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