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Whats The Difference Between The 2-day Css Camp And Coderace School?

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& will there be a 2008 CSS and CodeRACE schedule released soon. I want to do one of them at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah. it looks like a beautiful track & quite a bit closer to Colorado than the other tracks.





ps: Keith, did all your instructors buy their Basics yet? ;)

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Hi Titus,


Yes there will be a 2008 schedule soon, working on it now, about a month I'd guess. Won't have CODERACE at Miller, so that will likely limit your options, if the track is the issue.


Best place would be to check the respective websites: www.superbikeschool.com and www.coderace.com. This will give a more complete answer than I could scratch out here. There is quite a difference, one doesn't take the place of the other. If you have more/other questions, give us a ring in the office, I'll be in all week if you'd like to talk with me.




Cobie Fair

Chief Riding Coach



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