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Tail Of The Dragon Crashes And Why Go To Css...

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Just wanted to add...


I was looking online ("googling") in to fun rides in the Southeast and the famous "Tail of the Dragon" ride and Deals Gap; there I found links to YOUTUBE videos of several crashes, guys following and videoing the crash, or videoing through the windscreen...all layed out in technocolor...


And there they were, sometimes really obvious; violations of what you guys teach, of Keiths seminars, over and over, there was Misty telling me to align my shoulders right out of the steering exercise...and there on youtube is what happens on a GSXR when you don't...


If anyone's wondering if they should go to CSS, go to youtube and put in " crashes at tail of the dragon " , you know what they say, "moneys cheap - knowledge is priceless"



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This is an old post, but I'll add my $0.02.


The biggest positive I see doing the CSS thing is that there are far fewer variables to worry about.


- Not having to worry about a semi truck coming around a blind corner (happened to me at The Dragon)

- No cops

- No animals

- Everyone going the same direction


I try to tell my wife being on the track is actually SAFER, but she hates the whole bike thing anyway.


Another benefit over a normal trackday that the CSS guys have is that generally everyone is doing the same drills (at least in the Two-Day course), so you kind of know what to expect.

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I still street ride occassionally, and commute, but with so much track time so easliy available these days, it's the only place to really enjoy the sport fully, particularly with the modern bikes and tires.



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