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Where To Stay @ Barber?

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I know I'm asking way in advance, but.....


Which hotel is *the* hotel for Barber? I was going to go in May/June but all you apes took up the spots so I'm going in August instead.


Here is where we stay. No great shakes, but not bad, we don't do much more than sleep there. Good barbecue, look up Jim and Nick's. There are a few in the area, we go there often.


Accommodations: Comfort Inn & Suites - 1951 Village Drive Leeds, AL 35094


(205) 640-6600.

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Now kick a few people out of class so I can get off the May waiting list and come out and play! :)

Kidding - I wouldnt want anybody to miss out on the greatness of CSS for any reason.


It always amazes me how many can drop off the wait list, so if you can take a shorter notice, keep on there.



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If somebody drops out I'll find a way over there even if I have to hitch hike.


Now that's the kind of hard-core enthusiasm I love to hear!

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Well, the lovely Whitney just called and moved me up to the May 31st date so I best start working on my hitch hiking skills.


See you guys (and gals) then.


Almost like Christmas came early this year.




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