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Hi From Finland & Couple Of Questions...

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Hiya all!


First I have to admit I'm really very new to bikes, I've only just started to learn to ride a motorcycle and I do hope that sometime in the future, I get to have a go with a superbike... But I also have some questions about superbikes/road racing that have come to mind mainly watching races. I hope some of you experienced riders can shine a light of information on me... ;)


Firstly, there's the question of size. I have been reading previous posts on the subject and I know there are quite a few tall riders, but at least in MotoGP, the riders are on the small-ish side. Is it better though, for a rider to be relatively short? As english isn't my first language, I'm not able to ask questions as eloquently as I would like to (meaning I'm lacking on the terminology...), but I hope you can fill in the gaps yourselves. But unfortunately, because of this, I can't ask exactly what I want to know...


Apart from the size question, I'm also curious about how riders train off-bike? Because, again, after watchng races, I've come to realise it must be a job beyond tough. For the lack of better expression... What does a rider need? Strenght, flexibility(or is it agility...sorry!), what else?


And again, I know there are other girl riders (Oh, I just realised I didn't say that before, so... I'm a girl!) in existance, but I've also come across a forum with a discussion where people claim road racing in simply not for women. Is there any truth in that? Well, not that I blindly believe such a claim, but I don't see women racing in MotoGP (sorry I seem to keep repeating myself) so I was wondering if there actually is a reason why women can't make it to the top? Although, I must admit I'm not terribly familliar with statistics concerning the amount of females in superbikes/road racing.


So here they are, for the moment... I really do hope some people will find time to answer as there's really not much action in the equivalent finnish forum...


Loads of love, Sari/Paperinik

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hi and welcome

first of all I think your English is fine!


I also wondered about size of racers, I am 6 ft and 200lb not a racer though just a road rider that does a few track days!

I beleve that Leon Camier from Airwaves Ducati in the british superbikes is 6ft 4 and it does not seem to slow him down,

also watching moto gp I always think that Colin Edwards looks really tall on the bike but it may just be his riding style,

not sure how tall he is though. I think that in moto gp maybe the super light bikes (145 kg) benifit from the rider also being light,

possibly why dani pedrosa does so well.


I am not familiar with how many women there are in racing I have seen some very fast girls on trackdays though and there are a

few that participate in club racing here in the UK, probably some of the other guys and girls on this forum can answer your question

better as I beleve that there are women racing in the AMA in America!


I also would like to know how racers/riders train for fittness, I know alot of them cycle for training but dont know what else.


Enjoy your learning experience on motorbikes and take care



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Hi Sari, and welcome to the forum!


There are women that are racing, and have raced. Right now one of my coaches is a woman, Misti Hurst. Misti is racing in the US AMA 600 Supersport series, and has done very well. Pretty sure she is the first ever woman to race in a 600 Supersport race at Daytona.


I don't know that the size/height is all that people think it is. Leon is tall, though not quite 6'4". Misti is 5'3".


We are on the road and doing schools now (on our way to Laguna Seca), but I'll check back on the forum when I can.



Cobie Fair

Chief Riding Coach

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How i may contact admin this site? I have a question.





You can contact me, I should be able to answer any question, if not I will get it answered. You can pm me, or e-mail: cobie@superbikeschool.com




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