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  1. Great write up. Glad you enjoyed the school. Would love to hear of any further improvements you might gain as you go through the process! It's a kind of fun job to have all in all...
  2. Hi Rapid. I came across this thread and wanted to speak to you about your comments regarding your experience at the schools in New Zealand. Is it possible that I can set up a dialogue with you about that? Cobie's comment of "That result from your coach is not the way it is supposed to be" is most definitely true, so I'd like to just have a chat with you to get more info on your experience. Is it possible to email me on steve@superbikeschool.com.au? I look forward to hearing from you...
  3. Great piece Mr Code. For sure this is one of the most misunderstood words in a riders vocabulary. Despite knowing large chunks of your work in great detail, I have never seen it explained in this way. Thankyou for clearing up yet another mysterious aspect of riding motorcycles. I'll be sending out an e-news with a link to this page to all our Aussie students...so expect the hits on this story to jump! Take care my friend... Steve
  4. Hi Tom... Seems like you've got it sorted. Hope it all works out. Make sure you ask for me when you're here and say G'Day. Cobie... Perhaps if you stopped whining and shrugged off your phobia of technology based social interaction mediums (*cough* facebook *cough*), you'd be able to see photo's of my precious little ones and maybe even a few of that hot chick I married. It's kinda' how people do things in this century... Also...I don't recall rejecting any calls by phone or skype buddy boy. You want me? Call me! All jokes aside...would be good for a catch up at some point mate. Let's see if we can do that at some point in the near future hey? Cheers, Steve
  5. Hey Tom, Great to hear of your interest in riding down here in Aussie Land. Let me know if you need any further assistance and / or if your attempted phone hook up is unsuccessful. Cheers, Steve
  6. Hhhmmm...tough question! The reality is that there is a lot to like about a lot of tracks. This got me to thinking about what I like about my favourite tracks and how I would break it down. I think I really like places that have a lot of elevation changes and a majority of corners that link together. I also like medium to high speed stuff more than slower or tighter corners. Considering this, my honourable mentions would be (in no particular order); VIR; Mid-Ohio; Barber; Sepang F1 (Malaysia...some long straights, but wide with flowing sections); Pasir Gudang (Johor Bahru - Malaysia - wicked elevation changes but surface); Hampton Downs (NZ...big time elevation changes and excellent surface); and finally Lakeside Raceway (QLD...perhaps being the site of my first National Championship race win in 1988 might have something to do with it...). Each of these circuits have an excellent 'spirit' to the way they deliver each aspect of the challenges you face when riding them. Having said all that...there can only be one winner... For me it's got to be Phillip Island. I first rode here in February 1989 and loved the place straight away. I was under the lap record on the first day and it was the scene of my second ever Championship win. It is the epitome of fast and flowing with seemingly constant elevation changes and has the fastest average speed on the MotoGP calendar. Although I have some favourite corners and / or sections from other tracks, this circuit combines all the elements of a truly great piece of tarmac in my opinion. The imagery around the track is also breathtaking with the view straight onto the ocean and the rugged coastline that disappears to the left and right of the track. Despite having ridden countless laps of this track over the last 21 years, I never tire of riding it. The only downside can be the rather unpredictable nature of the weather. You can't have everything I guess...
  7. Dylan, I know Steve Brouggy of the school in Oz is all over getting it, but not the details of when/how. I'm going to shoot him a note, see if he can get us any specifics. CF Hey Cobie, Thanks for the note. We're just waiting on them to arrive in the US office. As soon as they are there and we've got the dimensions and weight of the boxes we'll get them shipped here. Should be around 2 - 3 weeks all up I'm guessing. Price will be dependant on shipping costs and exchange rate at the time of purchase, so we'll have to wait to firm that up. If any Aussies want to order it, please contact our office on 1300 793 423 or email on info@superbikeschool.com.au registering your interest and we'll contact you once we've got those details sorted. Unfortunately our website is not geared for product sales at this stage (only school bookings), so it will all have to be via phone or email. If there's anything else I can do to help, please contact me at steve@superbikeschool.com.au
  8. Hi Fred, I run the Aussie branch of CSS and was sent a link to this thread by Cobie. We did do some schools in Malaysia in the late '90's and early '00's (8 days at Sepang & 2 days at Pasir Gudang), at also 4 schools in the Philippines, but we haven't been back since 2003 as our promotor there, Mr Willam Chen, was no longer able to commit to bringing us out. We are currently looking at options to run more events either in Malaysia or Singapore, but in reality it will be 2010 or 2011 before this will be possible due largely to our schedule in Australia & New Zealand. We will be sure to put out expressions of interest if we are able to progress our plans further, so I'm sure you'll be informed. We really enjoyed our experiences coaching in Asia and would love to do more should the right situation present itself. Very best, Steve
  9. Uuummm...Sunday School teacher might just be me at a guess... Who's the spitter? And on a President no less! Very impressive...
  10. Hey Cobie...great to be here! BTW...did I mention we've got an all new fleet of bikes? We've just signed a deal with Suzuki and have a fleet of the all new K7 GSX-R600 all prepped and ready to go. We also have full riding gear with helmets by AGV, boots by Alpinestar, leathers & gloves by RST available for hire at each day. So, no need to bring anything, just yourselves, and have a great time down under on Phillip Island...arguably the best MotoGP track in the world. OK...so that sounds like a sales speil doesn't it...alright, don't trust me, how about talking to some of the guys who've been out here. Like...Cobie! Also Stuman, Dylan, Stonie and of course His Keith-ness... I look forward to posting up on the other areas on this website, once I get through all the Christmas festivities that is, so we'll see you in the new year. Until then... Good luck with your riding, Steve
  11. Hi Everyone, This is my first offical post on the Cornering Forum...and considering the time of year (4 days before Christmas...) I thought I'd bring good tidings of great joy! Firstly I should mention that I am the director of the California Superbike School down under. I've been working with Keith and his crew for almost 11 years now and we run just over 30 Cornering Schools per year here in Australia. We also have contracts with the two best venues in the country (and arguably the world...) to run their Track Days for them, under the banner(s) of Phillip Island Ride Days & Eastern Creek Ride Days. Why do I tell you this you may ask? Well...I thought it about time I got these dates up on the forum so those of you that are thinking about a holiday when it's cold and wet there (we've just started summer...), you might want to hop on a plane and come out to enjoy some of the best racetracks and best weather on the planet. And no...I'm not biased! Honestly... Anyway...enough rambling from me. It's great to be onboard on the forum. Follow the links to check out the websites so you can see what you're missing by not visiting our wide / brown land. California Superbike School http://www.superbikeschool.com.au/ Eastern Creek Ride Days http://www.easterncreekridedays.com.au/ Phillip Island Ride Days http://www.phillipislandridedays.com.au/ Good luck with your riding, Steve Brouggy
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